Rates and Fees

Mediation Rates

Life can be challenging and sometimes problems can only be worked out with the help of a non-biased third party. We feel that everyone deserves the opportunity to work through these challenges.  In an effort to serve clients of all backgrounds and socioeconomic status, we offer mediation rates on a sliding scale based on household income. Whether you are seeking help on your own or have been directed by the court system to try mediation, we can help you work through those problems without the expense of a legal battle.

Sliding Scale Mediation Rates

Household Income

Hourly Rate


$100,001 - $200,000

$75,001 - $100,000

$30,000 - $75,000

Below $30,000

$180 per hour

$140 per hour

$120 per hour


$100 per hour

$80 per hour

We have a 2-hour minimum requirement. However, we offer pro-ration by the half hour once the 2-hour minimum is met. If a client prefers to conduct the mediation session in the privacy of there own home, additional charges will apply