Areas of Practice

Contractual Disputes

The types of contracts suitable for mediation range from formal, written contracts to informal, verbal contracts. Contracts specify that one party will provide services or a product, in exchange for compensation from another. Disputes arise when either party feels that they other party did not fulfill his part of the the contract obligation. Successful mediation can allow both parties to share their position on the matter and come to some agreement that both parties can live with as it relates to things such as payment, reimbursement or product improvement.

Real Estate

Real Estate disputes may include buyers, sellers, real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, contractors/subcontractors, builders, title companies and other individuals or businesses involved in the transaction. Examples of disputes include, landlord/tenant, contractor work, utility repairs, contract negotiations for the purchase of a property.

Personal Injury

Personal injury disputes arise when one person suffers an injury requiring medical treatment as a result of the negligence or behavior of another. This can range from a car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, and more.

Public Policy

Public policy disputes many times involve a government body and address issues such as property zoning, changes to regulatory statues, or proposed sites of new public facilities.


Sometimes, we don't always get along with our neighbors. These issues can cause discord and make for an unhappy living environment. Examples of things that can be addresses through mediation include: HOA disputes, parking issues, barking dogs or loose pets, excessive noise, lawn upkeep,  property boundary disagreements, landlord/tenant issues.